Unique Acts of QUEST administration

After NTS paper leakage it is another incident. Quaid-e-Azam University of engineering science and technology Nawabshah, its entry test was conducted on 19th sept and they provided a pass provisional list of candidates who had secured above 40 marks at entry test, in which Hyderabad district had 5 seats of urban and 6 seats of rural based candidates. When merit based selected candidates’ list was uploaded an extra name was added on the list on number 5th but that candidate’s name was not even on the pass provisional list so how could his name come at merit list.Besides this,another misconduct is that when 2nd merit list was uploaded in which 2 rural candidates and 4 urban candidates were selected. According to the 2nd merit list, the rural candidates’ seats were left for the quest campus Larkana only, a branch of main campus Nawabshah. Intentionally or unintentionally the administration expressed lack of caring by giving Hyderabad urban seat at main campus to a rural candidate in the main branch and leaving another seat for urban candidates at Larkana campus. The governor of Sindh and the Vice Chancellor of Nawabshaha are requested to take notice of this misconduct of administration.


Hyderabad, November 21.

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