VC FUUST sacked for second time

Islamabad – The Vice Chancellor of Federal Urdu University of Science and Technology, Dr Zafar Iqbal, was removed from his post for the second time for non-appearance before the university senate, said official on Friday.

According to details, the decision of removing Dr Zafar Iqbal was taken from Presidency as President of Pakistan is the Chancellor of the university.

An official said that Dr Altaf Hussain, former VC Allama Iqbal Open University has been appointed as acting VC of the FUUST.

Dr Zafar Iqbal was recently restored to the position of VC by Islamabad High Court replacing former VC Salman D Muhammad after a legal battle of two years.

However, Dr Zafar Iqbal was summoned by the university senate to defend inquiry against him in which he was accused of being involved in mega corruption in the university.

The senate of the university called Dr Zafar Iqbal twice to present his case but the VC refused to appear accusing the university senate of being biased against him.

The National Assembly Standing Committee of Federal Education and Professional Training had also directed Dr Zafar Iqbal to appear before the university senate and defend the charges against him.

The university senate had recommended removing Dr Zafar Iqbal from the position two months before but it was not implemented.

Meanwhile, Dr Zafar Iqbal refused to relinquish the charge declaring it an illegal move. The statement said that the notification issued by the Ministry of Federal Education of removing VC Dr Zafar Iqbal and appointing Dr Altaf Hussain as acting VC is rejected because it has no legal basis. The VC in his statement declared that any step taken by the ministry against the court decision in February is illegal.

Dr Zafar Iqbal who was earlier removed from the position in 2015 and Dr Salman D Mohammad was given the charge.

Later, Higher Education Commission declared the degree of Dr Salman D. Mohammad bogus but he was not de-notified by Karachi University.

In September 2015, IHC restored Dr Zafar Iqbal on the position of VC but senate of FUUST asked him to prove his innocence before the university body. 

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