Girl confesses to killing sister over ‘compromising photos’ in Karachi

In a press conference held by Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Korangi Nauman Siddiqui confirmed that girl killed her 16-year-old sister over ‘compromising photos and videos’. 

Earlier, it was reported that girl, Aleena, was killed while her sister, Alveena, got injured during an alleged robbery in Korangi area of Karachi on Tuesday. 

During the press talk however, SPP Korangi told media that Alveena has confessed killing her sister. 

“According to Alveena, her sister, Aleena, was blackmailing her along with her friend Ahsan over compromising pictures and videos,” SSP Siddique said. 

The SSP further said that Alveena with her fiance Azhar earlier thought to kill Ahsan but decided against it. After that they went to Kashif, another suspect, for seeking assistance in killing of Aleena but he refused. 

They both tried to convince Aleena for one last time to tell her friend Ahsan to delete the pictures but she refused. 

After that Mazhar held her down and Alveena slit her throat with a knife. 

“Alveena has confessed doing it,” SSP said. 

While talking to media, the suspect stated that her sister (Aleen) was torturing her mentally for quite some time. 

Alveena claimed that she begged her sister and Ahsan to delete the compromising data but they refused. “Ahsan should also be punished strictly as he is the main culprit of this whole case,” she urged. 

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