Police resolve two-year-old murder case’s mystery

KASUR-Police claimed to have resolved the mystery of a two-year-old murder case here the other day.
Khushi Muhammad had submitted an application to Ganda Singh Wala police on August 29, 2015 that his son Tayyeb Khushi, 19, visited Kujyanwala village on a motorbike at evening. Khushi told the police that Tayyeb went missing that evening and could not be found despite hectic search. His motorbike, however, was found parked near the house of suspects Safdar Ali and Munir Ahmed, sons of Ibrahim. Khushi said that when he asked the suspects about his son, they scuffled and hurled abuses at him. He alleged that the suspects had allegedly abducted and killed his son.
Police registered a case and launched investigation. At first, the investigation went in the wrong direction and the police started interrogation from brothers of Tayyeb. Police, however, failed to find out any clue about their involvement in murder or abduction of Tayyeb. In the meanwhile, media highlighted the issue and Supreme Court of Pakistan also took notice of the incident but nothing turned out to be fruitful. So a special team comprising competent police officer was formed for arrest of the culprits. The Regional Investigation Branch (RIB) of police was tasked with resolving the case. The RIB launched thorough investigation into the case under the supervision of RPO Sheikhupura Region Zulfiqar Hamid and Kasur DPO Zulfiqar Ahmed. In the beginning, cellphone records of Tayyeb and his girlfriend Aqsa Bibi were collected. It was revealed during investigation that both had illicit relations. Aqsa Bibi used to come to Kasur city for study. Tayyeb was resident of Kasur and both had frequent meetings at different places in the city. After exams, Aqsa quit visiting the city and Tayyeb began to visit her in Kujyanwala.
They were in contact with each other through cellphones. On August 29, 2015, Tayyeb contacted Aqsa and went to see her at her hometown. He parked his motorbike in the field of maize crops near the house of Aqsa where both planned to meet. But Tayyeb did not find there Aqsa alone. There were also the suspects including Safdar, Munir, Rana Shafiq, Zulfiqar and Ishtiaq Mochi who strangled Tayyeb, packed his body in a sack and threw it into BRB Canal.
Police arrested Rana Shafiq, Zulfiqar and Ishtiaq and recovered the rope they used for strangling Tayyeb. Police also recovered shoes of the deceased. A special team has been formed under the supervision of SP (investigation) Amjad Qureshi for arrest of the fleeing accused include Safdar, Munir and the girl, Aqsa.

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