Reality Check For Nawaz Sharif

Former PM Nawaz Sharif stands disqualified by Supreme Court of Pakistan and his Review Petition has also been rejected by highest court. The same constitution by virtue of which the PM through electoral process became PM of Pakistan in 2013, gives this power to Supreme Court of Pakistan. Even if the PMLN gets a landslide majority in 2018, both the NA and Senate cannot repeal this verdict through any known constitutional mode. He now faces allegations of financial corruption and irregularities in National Accountability Court. 

Nobody is indispensable in this world and graveyards are proof if any is required. Heavens will fall if Nawaz Sharif who rarely attended National Assembly proceedings would never again be eligible to be elected as parliamentarian unless SC limits period of his disqualification. He should seek remedy through constitutionally specified judicial process. 

It is important that person who holds coveted office of PM must be above board and all his assets declared and supported by his income tax returns. The same is expected of every other politician, including leaders of PTI, PPP, ANP etc who aspire to be parliamentarians and hence eligible to be President, PM, Minister, Governor or CM etc. It is time that only individuals who have no stakes in any other country, have no conflicts of interest, hold no assets abroad nor any immigration status including a permanent residence visa making them eligible to open foreign bank accounts should be allowed to contest elections in Pakistan or hold any constitutional public office, or any ambassadorial assignment. Pakistan has suffered enough. 

Mian Nawaz Sharif owes a lot to Pakistan which offered him and his family abundant opportunities to prosper and hold highest office in this country and he must now pay back by submitting to rule of law and constitution. 


Lahore, November 11. 


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