Zero loadshedding at 309 feeders in KP: Pesco

PESHAWAR –  Peshawar Electric Supply Company Chief Executive Officer Engineer Shabir Ahmad on Saturday said that as many as 309 feeders were providing uninterrupted power supply to the consumers in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

He said that the company was carrying zero load shedding from over 300 feeders since the announcement of the federal government.

Meanwhile, line losses on these feeders are within the fixed limits or less than 10 per cent, he said this while speaking at a news conference here at Wapda House, Peshawar

He informed that a total number of consumers on these feeders is 0.6 million. The federal government is supplying electricity in proportion to the demands while NPCC has also fixed our quota on the basis of our demand and presently the company is neither facing any kind of difficulty in this regard nor it had compromised on its quota.

The Pesco chief said that the numbers of feeders with 10 to 20 percent losses are 72 while feeders with 20 to 30 percent losses are 95. Similarly, the number of feeders with 30 to 40 percent losses is 82 while 40 to 60 percent losses feeders are 163.

Apart from that, the number of 60 to 80 percent losses is 143 while the number of feeders with over 80 percent losses is 107. He said that presently load shedding of different duration is carried on 663 feeders.

However, he said that on the directives of the federal government, the duration of load shedding has been cut down on every category.

He said that before December 4, 2017, four hours load shedding was carried on feeders with 10 to 20 percent losses is now cut down to two hours while during of load shedding on 20 to 30 percent loss feeders has also been decreased to two hours while feeders with 30 to 40 percent, which were earlier facing a load shedding of six hours is now facing four hours load shedding.

Similarly, the duration of load shedding feeders with 40 to 60 percent line losses has been cut down from 9 hours to 6 hours. 60 to 80 percent feeders from13 hours to 8 hours while 12 hours load shedding is being carried out on feeders with over 80 percent losses where the previous load shedding duration was 16 hours.

Engineer Shabir Ahmad said that despite getting electricity as per demand Pesco is carrying load shedding on only these feeders due to power theft, overloading, and system constraints.

He said that they had received targets from the federal government and for overcoming these losses they are taking different steps to ensure uninterrupted power supply to 100 percent consumers of the company. As soon as the losses of any feeders come within a fixed limit it will be segregated from that category and included in other.


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