Chinese minister praises CM for public service

LAHORE – Minister of Communist Party of China Wang Yajun led a delegation to a meeting with Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif Sunday.

Progress on CPEC projects and other matters of mutual interests came under discussion during the meeting.

Wang Yajun praised Shehbaz hard work, saying: “Punjab has attained major development goals in his tenure. He has adopted measures for economic and social development of the province.”

The Chinese minister went on to say: “One who visited Punjab comes to know that Punjab Speed is the other name of Shehbaz Sharif and through this speed he has done extraordinary with such passion for the development of province which surely deserves a huge round of applause.

“Due to the personal interest of the CM, many Chinese companies are working in Pakistan while few of them have invested in various projects of Punjab as we highly regard his exhilarating leadership. He is very pleased to see the streets of the cities beautiful and clean which obviously is due to the best management of Shehbaz Sharif.”

Wang Yajun also praised the commitment of CM for discharging his official duties even on holiday. He said China values its relations with Pakistan and due to CPEC the bond is being cemented.

 “Some of the countries are opposing CPEC but it will be of no use for them and in fact they are losing their opportunities of progress. Communist Party of China specifies its relationship with the Muslim League-N and connection between the two parties is strengthened with time, he said.

He assured Chinese all-out support for earliest possible completion of Orange Line.

He also congratulated Shehbaz Sharif for obtaining permission to continue this project and said that undeniably this is a great plan of public interest. He guaranteed that China will continue to cooperate in the development of Pakistan.

Shehbaz Sharif said Sino Pak friendship to grow. He said: “Current government has ended loadshedding by completing the energy project within time likewise the development projects being completed in our tenure has no match in the 70-year history of Pakistan.”

He added the Punjab government has set international record by completing energy projects in shortest time. The foundation stone of 1263 MW of Punjab Gas Power Plant was laid at Jhang.  The CM said that China’s President Xi Jiang will always be remembered as a scholar because he has stepped up China on the highway of progress and he is connecting different countries of the world under the vision of Belt and Road.

The steps of Chinese President against corruption are worth praising. Chinese president has got immense popularity with the steps taken by Belt and Road for the welfare of humanity. He said that due to CPEC Pakistan is making rapid progress although some of the elements are upset because of it but our friends are happy with it. Pakistan and China are confronting same enemies.

“Orange Line is a gift of President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Le Chi Chaing. He said that some political elements have twisted undue hurdles for this project and wasted a lot of time but fortunately it has come to the track again. We will compensate this wasted time with hard work and it is our prime preference to complete the project quickly to provide world-class travel services to the common man. He said that he is grateful for the cooperation of China’s President, Axim Bank of China and NDRC who expressed confidence on Punjab government and continued to support the project despite of these hurdles. Chinese delegation included senior officials of Communist Party of China and Chinese Consul General Long Ding bin. Provincial Minister Malik Nadeem Kamran, Rana Mashhood Ahmed, Dr. Ayesha Ghaus Pasha, Senior Leader PML (N) Khawaja Ahmad Hasaan, Chief Secretary, Chairman Planning and Development, Lord Mayor Lahore and concerned officials were also present on this occasion.

Minister of Communist Party of China Wang Yajun amidst of a meeting with Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif paid tribute to his extraordinary hard-work, the unparalleled attitude of public service and dynamic leadership.

Talking on the occasion, he said the Punjab government has achieved beyond belief and remarkable accomplishments under his vibrant and powerful leadership. Certainly, he has taken practical measures in a concrete manner for the social and economic development of the province. Minister said that he himself has witnessed the progress of Punjab and there is no doubt that it became possible through Punjab Speed which is the second name of his vigorous leadership. It is only because of this Punjab speed that many Chinese companies are investing in Punjab as they have full confidence in his leadership. While conversing with CM he said, “I am very pleased to see the beautiful and clean roads of Lahore and its credit goes to your best management. Last day, you visited the Lahore Orange Line Metro train project at 6 pm and despite your holiday today you have started your official duties at 8 o’clock in the morning.

You do not take rest or leave and I am very impressed with the your pace of work and commitment.” He further added that these are the characteristics of your personality like hard-work, dedication and public service have made you the most popular public leader. He said that Shehbaz Sharif has worked hard for the completion of energy projects in a short period of time due to which load shedding has ended in Pakistan, which is gaining access to the Pakistani people. The Chinese Minister assured the CM of every possible cooperation for the completion of OLMT project at earliest.



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