Demos against Trump continue

KARACHI  –  Religious parties on Sunday held demonstrations at various key points of the city including USA consulate to condemn USA President Donald Trump’s announcement to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. 

Jamaat-Ud-Dawa took out Tahaffuz-e-Baitul Muqaddas rally to express solidarity with the people of Palestine and condemn US president statement. Rally kicked off from Safari Park University Road and after passing thourgh various through fares concluded at Islamia College Karachi. Larger numbers of people from all walks of lives participate in rally. They were carrying Palestine flags, banners and placards inscribed with various slogans against United States of America.  

JuD Muzamil Iqbal Hashmi, Jamaat-e-Islami Asad Ullah, MQM-P Mehfooz Yar Khan, JUI-S Hafiz Ahmed Ali, MQM-P Sheikh Salahuddin, JUP-Norani Qazi Ahmed Norani, APST Matloob Awan and others leaders also participate in the rally.  

Addressing the participant at Islamia College Karachi, The speakers said that US President has initiated an unannounced war by recognizing disputed city of Jerusalem as Israel‘s capital and the time has arrived to give powerful reply. They urged the Muslims countries and international Muslims organization to come forward and chalk out a plan to put pressure on USA over his wicked policies against Islam and Muslims of the world. They further demanded the ruling government to sever diplomatic ties with USA along with a pressure to take back its decision. 

They said that Jerusalem belongs to Muslims and Muslims all over the world would not tolerate any injustice over the Jerusalem issue.  

We stood with people of Palestine and have initiated a movement from Karachi for the oppressed people of Palestine, they added.  

Similarly, Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Karachi chapter also staged a demonstration outside the US Consulate to register their protest against the President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Zionist state of Israel. 

Following the call of protest, Law enforcement Agencies (LEAs) closed all the roads leading up to the US consulate for security reason. Mai Kolachi and Moulive Tamizuddin Khan road were sealed by placing barricades while security personnel were deployed to tackle any untoward situation. Traffic police advise the citizen to take alternative routes for reaching their destinations.  

On the other hand MWM supporters gathered at Numaish Chowrangi and were intercepted by police while the rally somehow managed to reach near US consulate. The police stopped the participants for moving forward. The participants were carrying banners inscribed with slogans against America and Israel. They also raised slogans against Donald Trump and set US flag on fire. 

MWM leaders while addressing the participants strongly condemned the US over its plan to open its embassy in occupied Jerusalem. Terming US President’s announcement was a violation of international law and hurt the feelings of Muslims, They said that Jerusalem was occupied by fake state of Israel but as a matter of fact Jerusalem (Beit al Maqdas) is eternal capital of Palestine. US president Trump announcement has added fuel to the fire putting the world peace at the risk, they added.   

They called upon the United Nation (UN) to play its role to protect the rights of Palestinian Muslims. They asked the Muslim rulers to get united and announce their joint strategy in this regard. 

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