Dispensary in-charge given clean chit

VEHARI-A four-member inquiry committee has given a “clean chit” to Dispensary In-Charge Wazir Gujjar who was caught red handed by security guard stealing medicines from the hospital’s dispensary.
The security supervisor and admin officer claimed that they have seen dispensary in-charge, taking away the DHQ hospital medicines in his car.
Following the allegations, the DHQ Hospital MS Dr Farooq had constituted an inquiry committee, consisting of four doctors who given a “clean chit” to accused Wazir Gujjar.
The committee’s report said that Wazir Gujjar was “in fact shifting medicines to new ward on the request of Physiotherapist.” The MS office had issued a letter for shifting of the medicines,” the committee observed, adding that the dispensary in-charge was obeying the MS order in line of his duty.”
On the other hand, civil society members and local social circles have expressed great concern over “the inquiry committee findings,” saying it appears the committee have saved “accomplices of the dispensary in-charge by giving him a clean chit, although he was caught red handed.” They demanded a thorough probe to unveil the facts and all people involved in the theft of medicines from DHQ hospital
When contacted DHQ Hospital MS, Dr Farooq claimed that Mr Wazir Gujjar was shifting, not stealing, medicines on written order from the MS Office. He also said that the security guard who had levelled allegations against the dispensary in-charge has some personal issues with Wazir Gujjar. “Therefore he staged the drama to malign Mr Gujjar,” the MS declared.

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