Failure of E-Services project in Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)

Services project of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is an electronic data gathering and retrieval system that would perform automated collection, acceptance and forwarding of submissions by companies who are required by law to file forms and relevant documents with the SECP. Its primary purpose is to increase to efficiency of the corporate sector for the benefit to investors, companies and the economy by accelerating the receipts, acceptance and dissemination of time sensitive corporate information field with the Commission. 

But it is totally failed due to slow processing of forms and documents. Most of the investors or companies face a heavy loss of his integrity. Neither work is not being speedy nor is efficient, rather the economy going downward. When we are filled documents or forms and request for Authorization of User through Pin Code, no any response from SECP for many days and not work done absolute. When we are going to submission of documents or forms the login user shown this massage (No authorised signatory found. Please define authorised signatory from Manage User Screen). The last date of filling of Annual General Meeting in SECP of Form-29 was 15-11-2017 but till to-date no any response or given any Authorization of User (Pin Code) and the system is very slow due to last dates of filling of Returns in SECP. Because the E-Services System has been failed, usually the website of E-Services (SECP) is not working and mostly link down. In case of any query regarding Authorization User (Pin Code) no any response on Call Operator of E-Services (SECP) management. It became very puzzlement for us. 

E-Services (SECP) should improve himself and increase our website link. Otherwise, it should be gone on manual system. The manual system was very easy and the work done rapidly. No any hassle on manual filling but the work was going on slow. But it was the better instead of E-Services (SECP). 

Origin of Improve:- “Early 16th century (as emprowe or improwe): from Anglo-Norman French emprower (based on Old French prou ‘profit’, ultimately from Latin prodest ‘is of advantage’); -owe was changed to -ove under the influence of prove. The original sense was ‘make a profit, increase the value of’; subsequently ‘make greater in amount or degree”. 

E-Services (SECP) should use technology to become better relations with investors or companies. When the economy of the country is going to boom and investors or companies would be feel much better. This type of personalized strategy is called “goal-based investing,” and research shows it improves outcomes by encouraging optimal behavior and more precise wealth management. 


Lahore, December 7. 

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