Fazl for unity to encounter challenges

SHEIKHUPURA-JUI Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Sunday declared that until Muslim Ummah shun differences and forge unity, they would continue to face challenges like the recent proclamation of American President Trump regarding recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital and shifting of US embassy to the city.
Addressing a gathering of religious scholars and seminaries students here at Jamia Touheedia on Sunday, the chief of his own faction of JUI emphasised that the Muslim Ummah should gather on one platform to meet all the prevailing challenges.
“The religious scholar should impart practical education to their students so they could become real Muslims,” he underlined. Maulana Fazl condemned US President Trump’s announcement regarding recognition of Jerusalem as Israel capital and of shifting US embassy to the city, saying that the imprudent and unilateral decision has caused unrest and protest by the Muslims globally. The JUI-F chief stressed that time has come for the entire Muslims to get united and stand against America and all other anti-Islamic elements to safeguard the dignity and honour of Baitul Muqaddas. He declared that it has become an issue of life and death for every Muslim living in any part of the world, adding that world must mind the fact that the Muslims would never rest until get satisfied with the safety and dignity of the Baitul Muqaddas and all such sacred places.

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