Four MQM-London leaders quit party

KARACHI – Muttahida Qaumi Movement–London’s (MQM-L) four senior leaders including Babar Ghauri and Shamim Siddiqui announced on Sunday to resign from the party membership quoting personal reasons.

According to details, all the four leaders were residing aboard and resigned from their basic membership of the party on the same day. An MQM leader, quoting personal reasons, has sent their resignations to MQM-London’s International Secretariat.

These leaders during the ruling era of MQM enjoyed the ministerial slots. Baber Ghauri remained federal minister for ports and shipping, Shamim Siddiqui remained federal minister for communication while Amber Khan enjoyed the slot of sports and culture minister.

Talking to media, Baber Ghauri revealed that he developed differences with the party after his tweet “Pakistan Zindabad” on micro blogging website. He said there was only one MQM that was being operated from London. Ghauri said he remained silent after August 22 incident and waited for the matters to cool down, however; he met with continuous non-serious attitude from the MQM-London leadership.

“I am leaving the party purely on personal reasons and will not join any other group or party for now,” said Ghauri. Talking about the merger of PSP and MQM, he termed it a good move which would prove good for the residents of the urban region of Sindh province. He also urged all the political parties to unite for resolving the issues of Mohajir community.

He added that he has never been a part of the MQM that is working out of Pakistan. However, he seemed sympathetic towards the creation of MQM-Pakistan, saying, “I understand why they did what they did”.

Ghauri has been living in US for the past few years and is politically inactive. Ghauri has twice remained federal minister. He is also accused of illegal deployments in Karachi Port Trust during his tenure as the federal minister for ports and shipping.

MQM leader Shamim Siddiqui, after Ghauri`s resignation, also announced to quit party. He told the media that MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s anti-state speech on August 22, 2016 forced him to take decision to quit the party. Siddiqi had been living in the United States for quite some time.

“My basic disagreement with MQM-London was Altaf Hussain’s role during the August 22, 2016 incident when anti-Pakistan slogans were raised,” he said while announcing his decision.

Amber Khan and Doctor Nadeem who announced to part ways with the party were the members of MQM-London Rabita Committee. The two leaders said that they will announce their future plan in consultation with their families and fellows. They said that they cannot work in the current situation.


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