PCB needs to bring in technocrats to improve domestic cricket: M Wasim

ISLAMABAD – Test cricketer M Wasim came down hard on the country’s highly pathetic domestic cricket system and demanded the PCB to act in the best interest of future of Pakistan cricket.

Talking to The Nation, Wasim said: “Without working on domestic cricket, PCB couldn’t even think about producing top class cricketers. I can easily claim that the players’ drafting system in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy is the main reason behind a number of regions and players suffered badly, as majority of local players were left high and dry and were not picked by certain regions. While another big flaw in the domestic cricket is that the PCB selectors arrive to select different teams, they only had those players to check, who were invited by the regions and those were not more than 40 in total, while they didn’t have any record of those invited players.

“How can they judge players in such short span of time, while where were all other players had gone, who had performed in the district and regional levels. Instead of inviting the PCB selectors, regional coaches and selectors should select the teams. The drafting system must be abolished without any further delay while the flaws in domestic circuit must be addressed and those, who are responsible for changing the rules every year, must be held accountable,” he added.

Wasim said he is quite astonished to witness that not a single Test cricketer or even first class player is involved in regions or at district level while the non-professionals, who don’t know even the ABC of cricket, has been calling the shots since long. It is another main reason behind domestic cricket downfall. “Due to such non-technocrats, the deserving players and clubs are not getting their lime share in representing their respective regions.

“Rawalpindi Region is one of the most affected regions and districts for the last decade or so, as infightings and disputes among clubs and officials result in court battles, but the ultimate sufferers are the players of the region. For the last decade or so, no club level cricket tournaments have been conducted in Rawalpindi. The talent in Rawalpindi region has been wasted for so many long years.

“I request all the stakeholders to shun differences for the sake of youth, take back cases pending since long in the courts and let cricket prevail. Whenever I talked to responsible persons for not conducting tournaments, they claim that if they try to conduct the tournaments at regional or district level, the opponents bring stay order from the court, as cases are pending, and in either way, cricket and cricketers are suffering. Other regions and districts are holding tournaments on regular basis, but only Rawalpindi is unique example and that is why, cricket here is going down rapidly,” he added.

He said he strongly believes that voting system is main reason behind blackmailing, as every region has to take votes form districts, so they have to oblige and give favours in return. “The same is the case at PCB level, as PCB chairman is elected by board members, which are based on regional presidents and departmental nominees. It is my suggestion that voting system should be abolished and regions were barred from voting in PCB elections, as it will ease pressure from top to bottom and fruit will be beyond expectations.

“I also believe that cricketers should be given higher role in regions and districts. If not Test, then at least those, who have played enough first class matches, should be picked to lead respective regions and districts. I can challenge this will produce wonders,” he added.

“It is my utmost wish and responsibility to pass on the benefits to the generation next. I have started Muhammad Wasim International Cricket Academy at Rawalpindi and I invite all to come and visit my academy and check how I am passing on knowledge and helping kids learn better cricketing skills and techniques with charging only meager amount, which is spent on players’ welfare.”

The deserving kids have been enjoying facilities, matches and kits free of cost, while coaches are also paid well to guide the kids proficiently,” Wasim concluded.


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