PIA starts refurbishment of its planes

LAHORE –  PIA has started refurbishment of its planes in its fleet to improve the services at the cost of millions of rupees.

Spokesman for the national carrier said on Sunday that refurbishment would not affect the flight operation since planes were being treated one by one. There are 12 B-777 planes of various categories, having different seating capacities. 11 A-320 planes needed to be refurbished or revamped. Refurbishment of each plane would cost at least Rs1 million.

The revamping includes change of seat covers, change of carpets, deep cleansing and repaint of insignias if needed. To a question that whether airline was also going to make the in-flight entertainment system (IES) functional, he said, no it was not the part of refurbishment. It is worth mentioning here that a functional IES was a major attraction for the passengers, especially on long flights, but the national carrier is not paying heed towards this important fact of the flight.

PIA crew and ground staff was already serving poorly to the passengers; attitude of air hostesses and male hosts was also widely known to the passengers, and meals being provided to the passengers were also not up to the international standards. A few days back it was revealed that PIA catering department served unhygienic meal worth Rs32 million to passengers and crew after hiring a disqualified contractor.

But no action was taken by the top management and even payment was made to that disqualified and controversial contractor. A senior PIA officer said that partial refurbishment of the planes would return nothing to the airline rather it would be a burden on the exchequer.


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