PTI chief making a fool out of himself: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD – Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting, National and Literary Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb, in a statement issued here on Sunday as a rejoinder to the speech of Imran Khan at a public rally in Sheikhupura, said that he was making a fool out of himself through his speeches by repeating the same hackneyed rhetoric.

The minister said instead of hurling baseless allegations against others Imran must tell the people how many power projects he had initiated during the last four years; where were the 350 small dams; where was the justice bus and when he was going to unlock the Ehtesab Commission in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). She posed a question as to what had Imran done in the last four years except for fabricating lies and hurling abuses at others.

The Minister observed that had he done as much for the people of KPK as he lied during the last four years, the people of the province would not have held protest demonstrations outside his Bani Gala residence.

Marriyum pointed out that the entire nation was looking up to ECP, Anti-Terrorist Court and the SC in regards to cases against Imran Khan regarding money laundering, money raised through gambling, foreign funding and attack on the Parliament House and the PTV headquarters.

She wondered as to what for Imran was taking revenge from the people of Pakistan, especially from the masses of KPK.

Marriyum said that the Federal government had been doing in KPK what he was supposed to do for the people of the province because he remained perched on the container.

The Minister said that had Imran acted upon his own advice the people of KPK would have been in a much better position now.

She advised Imran to start at least a rickshaw service as he had failed to initiate the metro bus project.

She asked Imran to reveal in his next mini public rally how many lies he had churned out and also, if he could, utter three lines on the performance of his government.

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