Siraj announces Al-Quds million march on 17th

LAKKI MARWAT – Jamat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has announced to launch Al-Quds million march in Karachi from December 17 against the United States President Donald Trump for declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He said that the leadership of Muslim Ummah is in the hands of coward rulers who are weak and lack the courage to raise voice against Trump’s decision.

He said this while speaking at a large public gathering in Naurang town on Sunday. JI’s Provincial Deputy Ameer Dr Iqbal Khalil, Advisor to JI’s Central Chief Intekhab Khan Chamkani, Tehsil Councillor Haji Azizullah Khan and Mufti Irfanullah also spoke on the occasion.

Siraj asked the rulers of Muslim world to forge unity in their ranks and resist the handover of Masjid-e- Aqsa to Israelis.

“The Muslim rulers should boycott American products and severe diplomatic ties with the United States,” he maintained, saying that the firm stand of Muslim world will force the US President to change his decision.

“Trump’s decision has hurt the feelings of Muslims across the world and today is the testing time for the Islamic military alliance headed by Pakistan’s former Chief of Army Staff General (retired) Raheel Sharif to announce ‘Jehad’ for the independence of Baitul Muqadus,” Sirajul Haq added, asking the alliance to play a role for freeing the Muslims from worst kind of terrorism in Kashmir, Palestine and Burma.

Demanding across the board accountability, the JI chief said that all 436 people named in Panama Paper leaks should be held accountable and those facing NAB references should be barred from contesting next general elections.

He said that he had advised the former disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar to resign when their names surfaced in Panama Papers leaks but both did not do so. He also demanded that those who looted the national wealth have no right to sit in assemblies rather they should be sent to Adiala Jail.

“End corruption is not a difficult task as the menace can be eradicated easily by sending five to six thousand corrupt people behind the bars”, he told the gathering, saying that hospitals and educational institutions can be established and provision of allowances to youths and aged people and basic amenities of life to the people can be ensured if daily corruption of 12 billion is controlled in the country.

He said that if voted to power, the Jamat-e-Islami would make Pakistan a welfare state where people would have an easy access to free education and healthcare and the jobless youths and aged people would get allowances.

He reiterated that JI would bring an end to corruption and protocol culture and would replace the interest based economy system with promoting Zakat and Usher system to alleviate poverty and bring economic stability in the country.

He said that the political pundits with the support of international establishment came into power despite the fact that they had no system to govern the country and also lacked vision to bring sustainable development.

He said that the soil of Marwat people was rich in resources but lacking a sincere and honest leadership was the main reason for the problems they were faced with. He called upon the people to elect honest people who could serve them in a better way.


Staff Reporter from Peshawar adds: Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mushtaq Ahmad Khan has asked the federal government to announce the merger of FATA in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and repeal FCR before their sit-in.

The long march of Jamaat-e-Islami started from Khyber Pass near Jamrod press club and passing on the Ring Road reached Jamil Square where Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Mushtaq Ahmad Khan addressed the party workers.

The participants while waving Jamaat-e-Islami flags chanted slogans against FCR and in favour of FATA merger in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Mushtaq Ahmad Khan said that today they were going to bury the coffin of FCR in Islamabad and would not return until the federal government announces the future status of FATA. He said that FCR is a black law and tribal people were not ready to accept this system.

He added that Jamaat-e-Islami was ready to fight for the rights of the people would not return back till the complete abolishment of FCR.

He maintained that the people of tribal areas want peace, education, and development and it was not possible to keep them in the dark under the grip of this draconian system.

They should be given access to the superior courts, which is their basic human right, he said. He said that the Sartaj Aziz report had recommended that majority of the tribal people are happy to merge FATA in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but the federal government was not interested to implement those recommendations.

He said that this march would receive the JI Nowshera activist today near Shobra Chowak and after this, a sit-in would be held near Khairabad Bridge.

He said that the march would proceed to Faizabad where Jamaat-e-Islami leader Siraj-ul-Haq would address the participants.

The long march was also addressed by MNA from Khyber Agency Shaji Gul Afridi and Jamaat-e-Islami parliamentary leader Sahibzada Tariqullah.


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