Speed bumps add to motorists woes

KASUR-The excessive number of speed breakers has given rise to traffic mess and road accidents in Kasur district. A survey report says that there lies a speed bump at every chowk and turning point of roads. It causes severe problems for motorists in shape of traffic mess and accidents. Besides, substandard material is used for raising these bumps on roads. While the funds released to ensure quality in the construction allegedly goes into “someone’s pockets”. People complain about their failure to have a smooth drive on roads due to abundance of bumps on roads. Local political and social circles have appealed to Deputy Commissioner Saira Umar to take notice of the situation. They also demanded thorough investigation into the fraud being done under the guise of ‘speed breakers construction’.
People have reportedly been falling victim to diarrhoea and digestive disorders due to consumption of low quality milkshake being sold at juice corners at every nook and cranny of Kasur city. It has been learnt that discarded fruits are allegedly used for making milkshakes. These juice corners are very beautifully decorated and well-furnished to attract customers. People visit these juice shops, drink milkshakes and suffer stomach diseases and other disorders. The administration is asleep as usual. People demand the Kasur deputy commissioner action against the practice.
As many as 10 outlaws including three proclaimed offenders were held during a search operation conducted in the jurisdiction of Ganda Singh Wala police and other border areas here the other day.
According to police, the operation was conducted under directives from DPO Zulfiqar Ahmed. It was supervised by DSP (city) Iftikhar Ahmed. Police were flanked by personnel of other law-enforcement agencies including the CIA. Two teams – outer cordon and inner cordon – were formed for the operation. The teams combed 68 houses, interrogated 200 suspects and verified their identity through biometric device. The teams also arrested 10 criminals including three proclaimed offenders; recovered drugs and illegal arms from their possession. Ganda Singh Wala police registered cases and launched investigation.
The DPO lauded police performance, saying the information-based search operations are being conducted to ensure peace in the area.

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