Street crimes dropped, claims minister

KARACHI –  Sindh Home Minister Suhail Anwar Sial visited the Do Darya coastal area in posh Sea View locality of the city to personally review the beefed up police security to bring the senseless car and motorcycle race-related deadly incidents like the one which resulted in shooting death of a youth.

Talking to media during the visit the minister claimed that the street crimes have dropped in Karachi.

Calling his visit of the area his first, Sial said that if the beefed up security measures would be helpful to save even a single life he would consider that a fete.

Asking the people to extend all possible support for his drive against motorcycle one-wheeling by daredevils who not only risk their lives but also put the lives of people at stakes.  Sial disclosed that a drive is also being initiated against harmful Sheesha smoking, against the cars having tinted glasses, and massage centres.

Sal warned the mechanics facilitating making alterations to motorcycle to stop practicing their trade that put lives of the daredevils and ordinary road users at risk. He also asked the people to interact with the people by offering suggestions over the social media.

The provincial Home Minister made the visit amidst deployment of additional police force in and around the Do Dar Darya area along the coast which has long become a venue of the dead motorcycle and car races which have resulted in numerous horrible deaths.

The police sources said that Do Darya is a no-go area for racing, one-wheeling, and silencer-less motorcycles.

Meanwhile, the police seemed to get suddenly active at Do Darya and surrounding areas by going on a stringent snap-checking drive during which it impounded many motorcycles and cars for not having complete documents.


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