Two-day International Journalism Conference concludes

LAHORE: The two-day International Journalism Conference 2017 titled “Media and Society, Future and Beyond” concluded at Pearl Continental on Sunday.

The Punjab Information Department, Foundation for Promotion of Academic Collaboration (FPAC), German Press Foundation (DPV) and the University of Central Punjab jointly organised the conference. 203 papers were on media research presented on the occasion in different sessions.

Senior journalist Mujeebur Rehman Shami said, “The way Pakistani media covers terror attacks and political activities have no precedent worldwide.”

“The importance of message and messenger is still relevant today. To report such issues the reporter must be mature and have understanding of issues,” Shami said.

In a keynote address, Dean of School of Media and Communication Studies at the University of Central Punjab Prof Dr Mugheesuddin Sheikh in the concluding ceremony said that the recommendations should always be collective in any conference and the recommendations made here were procedurally wrong. “Academia should hear journalist fraternity insights and improve, revisit and revise the media curriculum,” he added.

He also said, “International media comes here and try to look thorugh our perception regarding international affairs and peace must prevail including Palestine and Kashmir and elsewhere and media should highlight these issues.”

“Injustice and peace cannot work together,” he maintained.  

Assistant Professor, Institute of Communication Studies, Punjab University Bushra Hameedur Rahman giving recommendations said that it was good time to move forward and introduce critical thinking in media studies. “We need more regional approach as media practitioners, media research students and academics critics all need to sit together and think about the way forward to ponder the issues”, she said.

She said ICJ should go beyond the city of Lahore. “Punjab University, ICS recently made ‘Media and Communication Academics of Pakistan which extends its collaborations to such forums,” she added.

Dr Salma Amber Head of Department Mass Communication Government College University, Faisalabad, Dr Muhammad Ashraf Khan Bahuddin Zakaria University thanked the global support for organising the conference. Dr Sajjad Ahmad Paracha Assistant Professor and Head of Department of Media Studies at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur said, “The next conference theme should be on peace and conflict resolution as media needs to play its part to maintain peace in today’s world.” Dr Hanan from University of Management and Technology said, “We should include academics, journalists and researchers from Balochistan who are deprived of such conferences held in Lahore.”

Head of conference Professor Amir Rafique said, “Mass communication academia is looking for the global support in future years too.” President German Press Foundation Christian Zarm said, “German delegation learned a lot from interacting with Pakistani academia and journalists.”

Salman Saddiqui, a researcher who presented his paper on ‘Women in Radio Dramas: An analysis of portrayal of Women in Dramas of Radio Pakistan’ told The Nation that the conference provided opportunity to improve his confidence and interact with foreign media.  

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