Bike trackers, another burden on the public

In the presidency of Minister of Interior, Sohail Anwar Sial, Sindh Government held a meeting to put trackers in the motorcycle. The purpose of this was to prevent theft of motorcycles and robbery and other crimes and other incidents of crime in Sindh. The decision was also made to make sure that trackers in motorcycles will be installed motorcycle dealer & motorcycle without trackers will be legally occupied. 

It seems that all the govt departments are shifting their burden to the public to hide their incompetence. The government has forgotten that the person who rains cheaply under the jurisdiction will not be able to achieve it. There is a fear that installing trackers will increase bikes’ prices and it will become out of reach for masses. Not only it will become expensive affecting working class but will also not give results as tracker cannot be hidden in bikes. There are only 3 spots where trackers can be placed and it is very easy to remove it. On the other hand trackers need battery support which is not available in most of the bikes. 

It seems like vested interest is influencing such decisions to make money on cost of cheap transportation available for common man. 

Sindh Government has completely failed to control crimes and now instead of rectifying measures, blaming bikes. Instead of disturbing masses Sindh government should setup force like Dolphin Force to tackle crimes. 


Karachi, November 24. 

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