Cast of Arth lays its feet on Wagah border

The cast of Arth – The Destination visits Wagah border, Lahore, to merge the boundaries between Pakistan and India through cinematic art, through their upcoming film Arth – The Destination, releasing on the 21st of December, 2017.

As the release date is coming near, the cast has progressively engaged in the promotional visits for their most awaited romantic musical. The primeval focus of the film is to promote trade of art between the countries, Pakistan and India; and for that purpose, what better place than Wagah Border to be at, to harmonize the sentiments of the two nations.

“If art does not serve the purpose of merging the nations and the countries, then what else would?! I sincerely look forward to seeing both the countries celebrating each other’s art in their respective territories. I have taken the first step by remaking Mahesh Bhatt’s 1982’s release Arth; it has been an absolute pleasure. I hope the intent of remaking an Indian film would go a long way, especially for the artists who take up the responsibility of promoting intercultural art, in the future,” expressed Shaan at the event.

Shaan Shahid, Humaima Malick and Mohib Mirza arrived with the Rangers’ protocol at Wagah Border to converse with Indian and Pakistani audience of their upcoming film and the purpose behind remaking it.

“Harmony between the countries plays the fundamental role of building and keeping unity. Artists are armed with art and talent to fight the crisis between countries–to bring acceptance for intercultural differences. Arth – The Destination has been created in the spirit of bringing both the countries together. I hope it succeeds in accomplishing this purpose,” said Shaan.

The movie comes out worldwide in cinemas on the 21st of Decemeber, 2017.

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