Governor for investing in Pakistan

KARACHI – Pakistan’s top business chiefs and entrepreneurs have called for positive change as they spoke about “Reshaping the Future, Building Greater Pakistan” at the UMA-16th CEO Summit Asia 2017.

Governor Muhammad Zubair was speaking as a chief guest at “United Marine Agency (UMA) – 16th CEO Summit Asia & Leadership Award Ceremony 2017” & “Book Launch 100 Performing CEOs, Leaders & Companies of Pakistan 2017”, organised by CEO Club Pakistan & CEO Today Magazine. The event was held at a local hotel on Monday.

Zubair said the world is witnessing Pakistan as an important player in the region with the Chinese mega investment plans which will bring the country closer to Central Asian countries with a strategic role.

The governor said that Pakistan has been changed into a different and a progressing country having a lot of potential for foreign and local investors and businessman to start and expand their business on the land of world’s new emerging economy.

He said the corporate sector and masses should alter their approach towards Pakistan as positive in tandem with visible development and peaceful scenario across the country which was made possible with efforts of democratic government.

He also added that “Pakistan’s economy was facing uncertain situation in 2013. Government worked day and night in its first three years to revive country’s economy and our hard work has put the economy on the path of prosperity. Pakistan Stock exchange is now the best stock exchange of region and its rise is a prove of governments successful economic policies.”

SM Muneer, Chairman, Din Group of Industries l Chief Executive, TDAP said that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor will bring development and prosperity in the country. The trade corridor will not only limited to a country or a sector but it will expand its scope to mainstream industries and allied businesses that will be given boost by new road of progress. He said the government is taking solid initiatives to build Pakistan in collaboration with local and foreign investors who believe Pakistan as lucrative and high-returned market for them.

Ijaz Nisar, Founder & President, CEO Club Pakistan said, “We always quote success stories of western CEOs but do not highlight achievements of local entrepreneurs like Sohail Wajahat Siddiqui, Sohail Shams, Shazad G. Dada and Muhammad Zubair. We have our own local Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Laxmi Mittal who can turn the fate and face of the country if they are provided conducive and friendly environment for doing business.”

He said the summit was an ideal opportunity for building relationships with peers and colleagues who can share information, insights and inspiration that can be of vital help for your organisation. The summit also provided multiple opportunities to gather with other summit attendees in order to extend once reach and influence into the community of his/her fellow senior CEO leaders.

The purpose of this mega corporate event is to bring the soft corporate image of Pakistan at global level and book culture. As many as 600 top chairmen, CEOs, presidents, MDs, country managers, entrepreneurs, government officials, diplomats, business leaders and C-level management attended the event.

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