Needs of hospitals in rural areas

Baluchistan- one of the provinces of Pakistan, has many areas that are deprived from hospital and educational institutions. Apart from the educational institutions the most important thing is health which can save a number of lives. by the help of well-built hospitals with doctors. Baluchistan is under developed which is going to be known internationally, unfortunately, its citizens are dying just because of a lack of hospitals. This can be considered one of the biggest problem of Baluchistan as well as Pakistan not taking care of the rural areas. The people who are living in rural areas far from the urban areas always have the long destination to come in cities for checkup, it cannot be imagine how hard it is for them.

It is the responsibility of the government of Pakistan as well as the chief minister of Baluchistan to bring a strong solution to these problems. Construction of hospitals in Baluchistan should be started as soon as possible.


Kech, November 23.

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