Plight of Parachinar

Parachinar is the capital city of Kurram Agency and the largest city of Federal Administrated Areas of Pakistan (FATA). The beautiful valley of Parachinar, where vault of heaven envelops the lush green landscape and snow-capped peaks loom in the distance, has now been suffering from the autumn of sectarian violence for a long time. 

Due to accelerated sectarian clashes in 2007, more than 800 families fled from their beloved city, leaving behind their homes and businesses. In the last 10 years, scores of jirgas and agreements took place between the belligerent sects, but all went in vein due to disinterested administration and absence of the government. 

Other than that IDPs of Parachinar, living like refugees in their own country and homeless in their own homes, still hope for their safe return and rehabilitation. Federal Government can play very crucial role in ending the plight of Parachinar. It can stop sectarian aggression by giving Parachinar the status of cantonment and by confiscating all the unnecessary weaponry. 


Lahore, November 25. 

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