Sale of soups picks up with dip in mercury

Kandhkot – With a dip in temperatures, people have started thronging the stalls selling soups of various flavours.

People of all ages, men, women, young and old as well as children can be seen standing outside these stalls, waiting to get a bowl of soup.

It has been observed that during the day people do different jobs, while at night they sell soups and other items which are in great demand during winters. The places where these stallholders are mostly seen include Tower, Hybat, Wadesha, College and Bank Square Road.

When this scribe talked to stallholders namely Khuda Bux, Ameer and Shabbir Ahmed, they said that demand for soup shot up during cold and foggy weather. Chicken soup, hot and sour soup, chicken noodle soup, vegetable soup, and especially chicken corn soup were the most sought after soups, they informed.

The price of a single bowl of soup ranges between Rs40 and Rs50, whereas the large cup is available between Rs70 and Rs100.

This was a cheaper as well as a profitable business, they said, and added their ancestors did the same business.

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