Torturing elderly couple


 It is quite regrettable that an elderly couple in Multan has been subjected to tortured by police officials. It is quite good that taking notice of the incident, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif ordered inquiry following which three police officials including DSP of the concerned circle, sub-inspector and assistant sub-inspector have been dismissed from service as the persons responsible for this tragic incidents have no right to remain in service. 

According to the reports in the newspapers, the chief minister has said that the police officials concerned should be ashamed of their cruel meted out to the poor people , the matter will be taken to its logical end,maltreatment of the poor people, who did not known their rights because of their overty and have as such ill-treated, by none else but police officials is not acceptable at any cost. 

The elderly couple that was subjected to police torture in Multan met the chief minister in Lahore who inquired about the details of the incident from them regretting the gory incident and duly taken strict action to punish responsible persons. The chief minister also inquired from the police officials whether justice is a right of the rich people assuring the elderly victim couple justice with be done to them as they are like his elders and nobody will be allowed to do any injustice with them. 

The chief minister has quite appreciably also ordered due treatment of daughter of elderly couple Madeeha who should be with provided with best possible treatment facilities in a reputable hospital in Lahore. 

Those who met the chief minister included Muhammad Idress, his wife Naseem Bibi and daughter Madeeha who have duly appreciated the due action taken the police officials concerned. Quite action against the police official’s concerned by the chief minister is quite commendable indeed. 


Lahore, November 24. 

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