Trash burning draws residents’ ire

KASUR – Flouting the government’s order, the tehsil municipal committee (TMC) sets garbage ablaze at open places in lieu of disposing of it in a proper way.

According to a survey report, the TMC officials collect garbage from different areas of the city, put it at open places i.e. playgrounds and set it on fire. The practice, undoubtedly, not only pollutes the environment but also causes respiratory diseases among the people living near the places where the garbage is burnt like a ‘bonfire’. According to locals, they complained and even argued with the TMC officials for preventing them from setting ablaze trash as it causes severe problems in their areas. But the officials always lent a deaf ear to their requests. People, during the survey, alleged that the funds allocated for disposing of trash in a proper way are either embezzled or diverted to other projects’ completion. One thing which concerns people the most is the ban imposed by the government on trash burning. Contrary to the government’s orders, the TMC officials are setting ablaze trash without let or hindrance.

People demanded the government stop the municipal committee officials from burning garbage at public places.

Lucky committees

People are being fooled and swindled out of money under the guise of lucky committees. The administration, as usual, is asleep. Taking advantage of the officials’ negligence, swindlers have strengthened their network in Kasur district.

A survey report reveals that the swindlers trick innocent people into investing money in lucky committees with a promise to double the amount. These lucky committees are advertised through pamphlets, banners and cable network to ensure participation of maximum people. People lose huge money in this fraud while those who control this business are getting rich with each passing day. Social and political circles demanded the government take notice of the fraud with people.

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