A defendable solution for Kashmir

The Kashmir issue has been simmering for last seventy years and in flames since the martyrdom of Burhan Wani and introduction of nuclear arsenals in the theater that had already witnessed three wars, resolution of Kashmir dispute becomes a matter of paramount importance. The present mass revolt has witnessed indiscriminate use of pellet guns by Indian security forces that have blinded thousands of unarmed boys and girls; social media have shared the stories and pictures of such atrocities but the conscience of world is in the state of quiescence. 

However, emotions are stirred in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan and before long, under public pressure; Governments will be forced to take actions that could lead to fourth war between the nuclear armed neighbors. Therefore, there is a need that the civil society and intelligentsia of both countries raise their voice and demand sustainable solution of the problem to avoid the “Armageddon”. 

Undeniably, the only sustainable solution is division of Indian Occupied Kashmir according to the majority of population in respective areas. Indian Occupied Kashmir has three distinct regions; Kashmir valley – constitute 95% of the Muslim; Jammu – over 60% Hindus and Ladakh with 55% Buddhist population. Jammu and Ladakh can join India with Kashmir valley coming to Pakistan. Such division would, no doubt, create dissatisfied minorities that must be allowed to join the areas of their choices under strict UN protections. 

The benefits are there, such as India can obtain permanent UNSC seat with Pakistan and China support. The immense economic benefit to entire region with Kashmir dispute resolved cannot be ignored. India can become part of CPEC and enjoy the shared prosperity thus beginning a new era for humanity and progress in this region. Lastly, this solution is like a give and take, which can satisfy the public opinion of both countries with both countries stepping back from their old stances. 


MEHAR, Dadu, November 24. 

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