AJK CJ terms India biggest hurdle in peace

Azad Jammu & Kashmir High Court Chief Justice M Tabassum Aftab Alvi said only solution to Kashmir issue is to hold a plebiscite as prescribed under the resolutions of the United Nations.
Speaking at a reception hosted in his honour, Justice Alvi strongly condemned the aggressive attitude of India and demanded the world community to play a positive role in resolving the Kashmir Issue accordance with the wishes of the people of Kashmir. He thanked the Pakistani nation for continued political, moral and diplomatic support of Kashmiri people.
“The only solution to Kashmir dispute is holding of a plebiscite as prescribed under the resolutions of the United States,” the Chief Justice said. He said the dispute between Pakistan and India is the issue of Jammu and Kashmir which is an unfinished agenda of partition of the subcontinent.
“Kashmiri brothers, sisters, sons and daughters in occupied Kashmir are protesting for their fundamental right of freedom for which they are being subjected to worst kind of atrocities.” Due to such conduct, the CJ said, India has become the biggest hurdle in establishment of peace and stability in the region.
“India is consistently indulging in acts of aggression on the Line of Control resulting in huge loss of life and property of innocent Kashmiris. We strongly condemn this aggressive attitude of India.” The CJ said Pakistan wanted to resolve all disputes with India through dialogue, but it is regrettable that our sincere efforts have not been reciprocated in the same spirit.
He said instead of properly reciprocating Pakistan overtures, India has been exacerbated by promoting subversive acts of espionage and disruption in the region. He emphasised on a close relationship between Bench and Bar for the smooth provision of justice to the common man. On the occasion, he extended the invitation to Karachi Bar Association’s members to visit AJ&K which was accepted by the Bar. Earlier the Chief Justice warmly received by the members of Bar upon his arrival. President Karachi Bar Association Naeem Qureshi Advocate and ex-president Yasin Azad also addressed the ceremony.

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