Camila praises artists for ‘breaking barriers’

LOS ANGELES-Camila Cabello has praised the music artists who are ‘’breaking barriers’’ in the music industry right now.

Camila Cabello thinks there is a lot of ‘’breaking barriers’’ in the music industry right now.

The ‘Havana’ hitmaker is thrilled to see Latin artists getting mainstream recognition now and thinks there has been a big shift in the industry.

She said: ‘’I think that the good thing about social media and the internet is that I feel like it makes the world smaller and it just kind of breaks down barriers between languages, between people, between cultures, and I think that might have something to do with that. I’ve been listening to Spanish music forever because that’s just not even Spanish music to me, it’s just music

‘’But I feel like with everything that’s gone on this year and also with groups like K-pop groups performing on American award shows and making their way into the mainstream American industry, I just feel like there’s a lot of just breaking barriers. Which I think is super beautiful, and I don’t know exactly what there is to credit for that, but I’m definitely glad it’s happening.’’

The 20-year-old singer likes to reference her heritage wherever she can.

Asked on why she chose to give her ‘Havana’ video a telenova theme, she told Teen Vogue magazine: ‘’I think that it’s really important to represent and to be proud of your story, and be proud of who you are. And I think that being the most ‘’you’’ is what makes you different. Also, for me, when I was growing up in Miami, I didn’t really have anybody that shared my story to look up to. So that’s why, for a long time, I thought that having a career in music was not possible for somebody like me that was in Miami.

‘’I came from a family that didn’t really speak English, and we had no money to move to LA and do meetings. That was not even in my vocabulary. So I think that’s why, for a long time, it was only by chance that I auditioned for X Factor. If it weren’t for that chance, I don’t think that I would even be here. So I just think it’s important for me to be authentic and to hopefully inspire young girls and young people that share a similar story.’’


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