ITP collects Rs220m in fines

Islamabad – Islamabad Traffic Police issued as many as 7,58,134 fine tickets worth Rs220 million to road users on violation of traffic rules during the outgoing year, said police sources on Tuesday.

According to the details, 26,487 vehicles were fined for having fancy (non-patterned) number plates while 39,363 tickets were issued to motorists for not fastening seat belts, 24,156 for using mobile phones during driving and 44,337 motorcyclists were fined for riding bikes without helmets.

Similarly, 6,418 amateur drivers were issued the tickets while 53,155 tickets were issued over lane violation, 44,337 for parking in prohibited or no parking areas, 31,767 over careless driving, 8,650 for having defective lights, 14,617 for one way violating, 9,706 for driving on wrong side of the road, 15,054 vehicles for having no registration and 17,916 for driving without license.

Likewise, 3,416 public transporters were fined for misbehaving with passengers and 33,086 for route violation, 7,384 for driving PSVs without permit, 34,047 for interrupting smooth flow of traffic, 48,619 for over-loading, 1,665 for speeding, 15,048 for parking on bus stops, 4,355 for parking on zebra crossing, 4,355 for having pressure horns, 11,026 for driving in negligent manner, 22,543 for violating traffic signals, 1,237 over smoke emission, 1,408 for having tinted glasses, 11,347 for taking turns from prohibited side, 12,670 for taking turn from wrong side and 11,762 for using high-beam lights. Furthermore, 71 VIPs were also fined during the period.

According to SSP (Traffic) Malik Matloob, a campaign was underway following directions of Minister for Interior Ahsan Iqbal against those using non-patterned or fancy number plates.

He appealed the citizens to follow rules and use number plates issues by Excise and Taxation Office. He said that ITP personnel had been directed to ensure implementation of traffic rules and regulations irrespective of status and rank and demonstrate patience and politeness while issuing traffic violation tickets to the road users.

He said that the ITP was utilising all available resources to facilitate the general public. He was of the view that the force issued the tickets not as a punitive measure but the purpose is to ensure safe road environment in the capital city and secure the lives of people.


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