Reconstructing Afghanistan

The almost four decades long war in Afghanistan and no voice advocating for ending the war in the international community gives the impression that Afghan people are children of a lesser god. So far no state has shown any consideration to the idea of reconstruction of the country torn apart by wars of one kind or the other. The conflict in Afghanistan has virtually enforced all sorts of hostile conditions on the people forcing them to experience how people used to live in the Stone Age. The indifference on the part of the international community is grotesque. Even if some attempts or initiatives to rebuild the infrastructure have been taken, they are implemented half-heartedly.

The words above are corroborated by the reports that have surfaced in the national dailies. It is revealed that out of the 11 million dollars that Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) member pledged for the Special Fund for Reconstruction of Afghanistan (SFRA), so far not more than four million dollars have been shifted to the fund. Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan, the contributing countries, are yet to transfer their total share of aid they had promised.

Islamabad asks the international and regional powers, now and then, to take an active part in the reconstruction of Kabul. However, even after 15 years have passed, Pakistan is yet to allocate more than three million dollars to the fund. Considering that three million dollars are not a huge sum the failure to transfer the amount is a reflection of the lack of seriousness on the part of Pakistan to see a stable and developed Afghanistan. Though there are projects that have completed with the amount transferred to SFRA, the need is to speed up the transfer of more finances so that more infrastructures related projects could be completed. Until and unless Pakistan does not transfer its due share to the fund, Islamabad holds no moral right to ask other states or international donors to take part in the rebuilding of Afghanistan.

If any country is in need of the attention of international organizations and global community, it is Afghanistan. All those countries that have made any commitment regarding reconstruction and rebuilding of Afghanistan need to fulfil their promises and obligations in this regards. For if there is any country that is in need of rehabilitation on the model of European Reconstruction after World War II that is Afghanistan. Afghanistan needs a kind of Marshall Plan that will put the country on the path of progress and economic development.

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