‘Sugar mills mafia curse for growers’

KARACHI – Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has said that mighty sugar mills mafia of Sindh has become a curse for the poor sugarcane growers of the province, while shameless patronising of this mafia by the provincial rulers is highly regrettable.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, Altaf Shakoor said it is an open secret now that who actually owns and runs the monopoly of sugar mills in Sindh province.

He said as per law the cane commissioner is empowered to get the sugarcane crushing season started in the month of November, but to exploit the cane growers every year this season is started very late.

He said that this deliberate delay only serves the interests of the miller mafia as the non-harvested sugarcane loses weight and its sugar content is further increased, which both benefit the miller mafia.

Moreover, the desperate growers are eager to sell their crop at any price offered to them by the miller mafia that mints billions at the cost of poor growers, he added.

Moreover, the provincial government also showers the sugar miller mafia with different subsidies from the taxpayers’ money, said Pasban President, which shows how the miller mafia of Sindh is overtly and covertly patronised by the provincial government.

Altaf Shakoor said the recent police torture on protesting sugarcane growers by police and their arrests have proved that the corrupt government of Sindh has totally failed to show any iota of governance. He said the chief minister and his cabinet should tender resignations as they have proved them as just puppets in the hands of powerful sugar miller mafia.

He said the PPP government in its every period has safeguarded the interests of Waderas and feudal lords and exploited the poor growers with its full might. He said not only the sugarcane growers, but also the paddy, wheat and cotton growers of Sindh brave cruelties of the provincial government every year.

Altaf Shakoor strongly condemned the baton charge on hapless growers including women and children and their arrests. He demanded their immediate and unconditional release.

He said the honorable judiciary should take a suo moto notice of why every year the sugarcane crushing season is delayed in Sindh province, and why every year poor growers are not given fair rate of their crop and they are compelled to take to the streets.

He asked where the anti-monopoly departments are and why the FIA and NAB are not taking any action against the sugar mill mafia of Sindh province, whose true face is not so veiled now. He said the Pasban would continue to support the demands of the poor growers and fight their case at every available forum.

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