Thanks to negligence, dental quackery on the rise

KASUR-Amidst criminal negligence of the administration, self-proclaimed dentists have been playing havoc with public health. According to a survey report, these quacks who proclaim to be dentists are semi-literate and are not acquainted with modern methods for oral treatment. Moreover, there is worst cleanliness at their clinics.
They do not even bother to clean dental instruments before putting them into the patient’s mouth. In this way, they transmit oral diseases from one person to another. The malpractice has been going on with impunity since long. It is alleged that all this is being carried out under the patronage of health officials ‘who have shares’ in monthly income of the quacks.
Social, religious and trade organisations of Kasur district have demanded Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif look into the matter and bring an end to the unlawful activity.
Dacoits snatched cash and other valuables from a man on Multan Road, Phoolnagar here the other day. Ali Raja of Hujra Shah Muqeem told the Phoolnagar City police that he was on the way back to Hujra Shah Muqeem from Lahore in a car. As he reached Phoolnagar, three dacoits intercepted him at gunpoint and snatched Rs23,000 and a cellphone from him. Police registered a case and launched investigation.
A motorcyclist was crushed to death by a bus on Multan Road near Kahna here the other day. Niyamat Ali of Verum Chak 4 was on his way on a motorbike. Near Kahna, a speeding bus crushed him to death. Pattoki City police registered a case against the bus driver and launched investigation.

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