Tribesmen slam govt for ignoring Fata

Khyber Agency –  The incumbent government of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz was accused of deceiving the tribesmen by not tabling the Federally Administered Tribal Areas Reforms Bill in the scheduled national assembly session.

Addressing a press conference in Landi Kotal on Tuesday, Qari Said Alam Shinwari, Nisar Afridi, Wakeel, Permeen Shinwari and others said that to please Maulana Fazal Rehman and Mehmood Khan Achekzai, the PML-N government postponed the presentation of FATA Reforms Bill in the parliament for the second time which was equivalent to restrain them of their basic political and human rights.

“We wanted to be ruled by the law which was functional in other parts of the country and willing to be merged with the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to remove the sense of deprivation among our people,” they remarked. They maintained that the government had adopted a policy of negligence and it would lead them to militancy.

The ignorant attitude of the government, they added had put a question mark on the sacrifices of the tribal people they had rendered for the sake of the country.


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