Use iodised salt to avert diseases, stress experts

Multan-Experts at a seminar warned on Tuesday Iodine deficiency could cause severe ailments like thyroid disorder, decline in intelligence and physical weakness, suggesting to the people to use iodised salt to avert the above mentioned issues.
The seminar was organised by Institute of Food Science and Nutrition, Bahauddin Zakariya University with the collaboration of Punjab Food Authority, Nutrition International Pakistan, World Food Programme and Scaling Up Nutrition on “Role of Civil Society and Educational Institutions in Creating Awareness on Iodine Deficiency” here at BZU.
Speaking on the occasion, Prof Saeed Akhtar, Director of the Institute of Food Science, said that Iodine required for our daily needs was blended into the salt and this element played key role in development of our body and its defence mechanism. He warned that iodine deficiency could cause birth of mentally retorted children. “Similarly, the growth of children stops and they remain short heighted compared to their age fellows if they suffer from iodine deficiency,” he further pointed out.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Tariq Mahmood said that women were more iodine deficient compared to men. He added that serious complications could take place if a woman suffered from iodine deficiency during pregnancy. “Even the child can die before birth,” he further warned. Ehtashamul Haq Tariq said that iodine was necessary for proper functioning of glands in our throat. “If we do not take iodine properly, the glands stop functioning and thyroid disorder takes place,” he added.
Dr Irshad Danish stressed the need for creating awareness among masses on deficiency of iodine and the way to make up this shortage. He said that iodised salt was the easiest way to make up shortage of iodine. He pointed out that the women who used iodised salt gave birth to healthy and active children.
Food safety officer of Punjab Food Authority Mr. Mubashir told the participants of the seminar that the authority kept consistent check on salt grinding mills and initiated action against those who were not blending iodine into salt.

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