Youth, gangster killed after extortion denied

KARACHI – Two people including a local builder’s son were killed and five others wounded during exchange of fire between the gangsters and builders over non payment of extortion in Lyari within the limits of Kalri police station.

Police said that Badshah Khan gang of Lyari demanded Rs 1 million from a local Lyari builder Rozi Khan and when the gangsters rushed the builder office located in Nayabad Lyari to collect extortion amount, an exchange of fire took place between Badshah Khan gang and builder’s guard, as the latter refused to pay extortion money to gangsters.

Police said that during exchange of fire seven people were sustained bullet wounds and rushed to the Civil Hospital Karachi where doctors pronounced the death of 28 years old Raees Khan, son of Rozi Khan, and a commander of the gang Fazal Daad while the rest of wounded persons including a girl Rozina Ejaz, 22, were admitted in the hospital for treatment.  Police said that another key member of the gang Mubin Baloch, who sustained bullet wounds, shifted to hospital where police arrested him. Police rushed the spot and cordon off the locality while started door-to-door search for the gangster hiding in the locality while no case was registered till filing of this report.


Police claimed to have arrested some 16 accused persons in various raids and operations carried out in different parts of  the city. Police said that the accused person arrested were including Lyari gangster wanted to police in more than 50 criminal cases including murder, kidnapping for ransom, extortion and other criminal activities.

The arrest has been made in a raid conducted by Counter Terrorism Department of Sindh police while arrested prominent commander of Ghafar Zikri gang Bakhat Sahir. Police said that the arrested accused person was wanted in dozen of criminal cases including attacks on law enforcement agencies while recovered weapons from his possession.

On the other side, Super Market police claimed to have arrested an extortionist while recovered weapons from his possession. Police said that the accused person used to take extortion from different businessman while police registered the case and started investigation when local businessman Haji Shafi. Police said that accused person confessed to have committed over 50 cases of street crimes.

Separately, Mehmoodabad police and Pakistan Bazaar police arrested two drug paddlers in separate raids while recovered weapons and narcotics from their possession. Pakistan Bazaar police arrested drug paddler namely Amir while Mehmooadabad police arrested Maroof Shah and recovered narcotics and weapons from their possession.

Police said that the both the accused persons were running a drug den in the localities while wanted to the police in various other cases.

Similarly, Site B police claimed to have arrested two other drug paddlers including Shahjahan and Qadir Bux while recovered narcotics from their possession. Docks police also arrested two drug paddlers including Shahid and Akber while recovered narcotics from their possession. Furthermore, Kalri and Mochko police also arrested three drug paddlers while recovered, snatched motorbikes, weapons and narcotics from their possession.

Mochko police arrested accused person Yaseen while Kalri police booked Manan and Rashid. The accused persons arrested were running drug den in the localities while also involved in number of other criminal activities. 


Fire erupted in cotton warehouse in Janjal Goth area, Superhighway was extinguished after 18 hours efforts here on Tuesday. Police said that the fire erupted in warehouse of cotton cloths and fruits in the wee house on Monday while fire tenders rushed the spot and managed to control the fire after some 18 hours efforts.

Stockperson Fire Brigade Department said that it was the high intensity fire took 18 hours to extinguish as the fire was spread out in a larger area of the Janjal Goth where no precautionary measures had been taken by the warehouse owners.

Similarly, a small shanty town placed on the surface of a overhead bridge located in Nazimabad locality where dozen of shanties were gutted while fire tenders rushed the spot and managed to extinguish the fire after two hours.

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