Anti-state forces not to be tolerated: DG Rangers

KARACHI – Sindh Rangers Director General Major General Muhammad Saeed vowed on Wednesday that any force working against Pakistan would not be tolerated and will now allow any party to form its target killers organization.

Talking to media person in Karachi DG Rangers mentioned that significant decline has been witnessed in crimes during last four years since the Karachi operation launched, however the success has come after the sheer cooperation of citizens, government efforts and security agencies.

“We can’t grill the thinking of any person, however wen can’t let them to pick up arms in their hands as there is no forgiveness for them who had spread fear in Karachi,” he warned.

The DG went on to highlight the success of the Rangers’ operation in Karachi, which began four years ago. He highlighted crime statistics from before 2013 to those of 2017 to ‘demonstrate’ the improvement in the city’s law and order situation.

“Before 2013 80 to 100 million extortion money was being plundered, however only four incidents of extortion were reported during the current year and no incident of terrorism was taken place in the city.“In 2013 Karachi was existing on no six in crime index, however after four year of operation it slide downed 52 ranks. More than 1400 street criminals have been handed over to police including those who arrested three or four times,” he said.

He urged that street criminals and robbers should be tried as terrorists under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The DG also complained that a recent series of knife attacks on women, Particularly in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Jauhar area in September, had been played up in media, and the entire city had consequently been “badly affected.”


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