Daughters are a blessing, not a curse!

All humans are the blessed creatures of God Almighty, All brains are gifts from God, All natures of humans should reflect The Kind and Modest Behavior like God Almighty, the most Beneficent and The most Merciful, when Allah Almighty and His Profit (P.B.U.H) really love daughters then despite, being Allah’s “Naib” and “Khalifa” on earth, why do We hate daughters and kill them even before their birth? 

Truly, it the saddest reality of our society and surroundings! 

I personally perceive that there can be many reasons for such hateful attitude towards daughters. One of them can be Dowry! This is really considered as the most burdening factor for middle class families who are therefore more likely to face the circumstances of killing away their daughter because of lack of resources for their daughter’s marriages! So…. Dowry is the Curse not the daughters themselves, tradition of dowry should be killed away, not the daughter! 

Secondly, I think the “old traditional thoughts” are the halting walls in the way of progress of daughters and females that females are not supposed to work and walk with men! And men are always superior then women! This is absolutely wrong perception which should be faded away from society immediately. 

Daughters are great blessings of God, they should be empowered with their proper rights, freedom and independent life is the ultimate right of every creature, daughters should not be kept devoid of it. 

Females are the leaders for next powerful and passionate generation, they should be granted the right of education, let’s consider not for themselves….. For our own nation’s bright future ahead! 


Lahore, December 2. 

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