Family of Pakistani boy kept in India urges govt to pace up efforts for recovery

LAHORE: Javed Iqbal was at home when some of his family members approached him with the news that has took him in deep state of shock. His fourteen years old son Hasnain was all of a sudden caught in an Amritsar Jail.

The news was all on the media.

It has been seven months since Hasnain’s family life virtually came to a standstill. Hasnain with hearing and speech disabilities was a resident of Bhambay Jhugian, Ring Road area. His father urged government to pace up the measures for the recovery of his child.

According to Indian media reports, Hasnain Javed Iqbal is in an observation home in Faridkot, district Amritsar in India. Observation homes are temporarily places to keep juveniles until inquiry is pending against them.

Javed is living in a rented house of 2.5 Marla and pays Rs 5000 rent. Javed has two sons and five daughters. Hussnain’s one brother is disabled and one sister Noor is also differently abled.

Talking to The Nation on Wednesday Javed Iqbal said his son has been imprisoned in India’s Amritsar district. “Hasnain is on number two among children. He never goes out from Bhambay Jhugian except along with his uncle’s son Usman. We are clueless how he crossed the border and caught in India,” he said. 

Javed said he have been told by authorities concerned that paper work has been proceeded and it is due to passport there comes a delay.

“I wish he come back soon and rejoin his family. His sisters are waiting for his return anxiously” he said. 

“He wanted to earn enough so he could support his family,” he told The Nation.

Mother of Hasnain Ishrat Bibi said I wish I may get wings and I go to India and get my son back in my home and feed him with my hands.

“Whenever he came home from the work he always shouted and always kicked the front door of house and tries to say he is hungry and feed him without letting a moment pass.

“I am his mother. He can’t speak and say a single word but there is language beyond words and I always knew when my kid was hungry, angry or happy. I am worried how he has been treating in the India and what they have been feeding him.” Ishrat Bibi said.

Hasnain Javed was arrested by Indian authorities on May 17.

“He went missing on May 1. And on May 2nd, 2017 we lodged an FIR in Shadbagh Police Station. It’s approximately one hour drive to the Pakistan-India border. I am clueless how he went out from our area and reached border area and even how he crossed it,” his father said in a low voice.

“He was a naughty kid and fond of using mobile phones. He works in a small workshop which is situated infront of our house and helps in making engine hubs,” Javed said.

Pakistan has already confirmed the citizenship of the Hasnain.

On Wednesday Child Protection and Welfare Bureau Chairwomen Saba Saddiq visited Hasnain’s home. She assured his father to bring back the child from India. She said as India has confirmed the whereabouts of child, and Pakistani government has confirmed the citizenship of Hasnain, “We are looking into the matters,” Saba Saddiq said.

She said there is an agreement of repatriation between India and Pakistan.

CPBW announced to support educational finances and households of the all the children of Javed Iqbal.

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