IEP holds session on stress management for engineers

islamabad – Institution of Engineers Pakistan (Rawalpindi-Islamabad) launched a series of events for professional development of new graduates, empowering them to play their role in the country’s socio-economic development.

The role of engineering community is highly important for quality construction and infrastructure development and such events will help them deliver the best in their respective fields, said the IEP president Engineer Ehsanul Haq Qazi at an interactive technical session held on Wednesday on stress management.

He expressed the hope that young engineers would get themselves enrolled with the IEP for their participation in the various events. 

The event was part of professional development programmes that the local branch of the institution holds on regular basis. Eminent academician and professor at NUST Dr Muhammad Tahir Nawz was key-note speaker who gave a detailed presentation on scheme of life to get rid of every-day stresses.

The IEP president Ehsanul Haq asserted that stress management could be done by obeying the teachings of Islam, adding that people should keep high moral values and ethics in their daily lives for achieving the desired results. 

Dr Atta Ullah Shah said that life of the successful people was the best example before them as how to deal with mental worries. The professional people should get themselves fully involved in their basic duties to divert attention from other matters.

Dr Tahir Nawaz contended that lack of self management and pro-active approach in life gives rise to nervous tension. Positivity and goodness towards others as well as setting aside personal ego could save the people from many problems, he said.

Attitude and behaviour matter a lot in making the life easy going. People could also reduce their worries by sharing their problems with their friends and well-wishers, he added.

He said that some worries were self created and those most be avoided. We should learn to create comfort for others, for the sake of our own well being, he added.

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