Pakistan versus RAW and NDS

The December is getting bloodier for Pakistan. Again another heartrending incident happened on December 2, 2017 when the terrorists got into Agriculture Training Institute Peshawar and killed 12 people – 6 of them were students. The stirring thing is that law enforcement agencies including KP Police and Pakistan Army responded quite well and trashed the terrorists. Alas! We still lost 12 precious lives. If quick response had not taken, there might have been more life loss – we have seen in the case of APS in which 141 people lost their lives, 132 of them were students. 

The recent attack is basically a clear indication that our western border is insecure, and it is not intricate for perpetrators to come into Pakistan for carrying out their nefarious plans. The major reason for this is lack of focus over border management by successive governments. Local politicians are the leading hurdle. Afghanistan has become a hostile country for Pakistan. Indian agenda is being served by Afghans quite well. It is time to treat Afghanistan a hostile country rather a brotherly one. Pakistan would have to take immediate actions especially with regard to regulating Afghan immigrants and barring borders. Afghan President and CEO have utterly expressed their antagonism for Pakistan, and this is only owing to the support that they are getting from India. 

On the other side, international media is promoting the same old, gusty mantra that the terrorists were non-state actors, ignoring the fact that Afghanistan soil was used. No one is even ready to accept that RAW and NDS are making the lives of Pakistanis thorny. Either we have failed as a nation to depict the reality to the world or some people within Pakistan still have love and compassion for terrorists funded by these agencies. 


Lahore, December 2. 


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