Britney gets locked out of home

CM LOS ANGELES – Britney Spears got ‘’locked outside’’ her home on Monday.

The 36-year-old singer took to social media earlier this week to announce she was trapped outside of her home and unable to get back inside after she went for a walk with her children Sean, 12, and 11-year-old Jayden – who she has with her ex-husband Kevin Federline – and their pet pooch.

The ‘…Baby One More time’ hitmaker posted a photograph of her standing outside of her home by the security gates on Twitter, although the upload has since been removed from the micro-blogging site.

She captioned the post: ‘’Going for a walk with my son and the dog always does wonders for my mood. That is until yesterday, when we got locked outside.’’

And Britney has revealed her and her brood were forced to wait outside for the security team to ‘’rescue’’ them and let them back inside. She added: ‘’and had to wait for security to come open the gates.’’ Although the ‘Womanizer’ singer has since taken down the post on Twitter, it has remained on her Instagram account.

But it appears the music icon has made it back in her home safely as she has posted a video of her showing off her slender frame in a skin-tight, pale pink, dress.

She captioned the video of her strutting around in her room, which was shared ion her photo-sharing page: It’s a Cyndi Lauper kind of day.’’

Meanwhile, Britney has admitted she finds it a ‘’challenge’’ balancing her career and parenting, btu she does her best to put her family first ‘’whenever possible’’.

Speaking previously, the ‘Toxic’ star said: ‘’My kids come first, always. There is nothing more rewarding than being a mom and watching my sons grow into young men. I am so lucky that I get to experience all of life’s adventures with them.

‘’The balance between work and my personal life can be a challenge [as a single mother]. I always do my best to plan my schedule around my family whenever possible.’’


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