Corrupt police affairs ‘downgrade’ new DPO

LODHRAN –  The deteriorating law and order situation and the highhandedness of policemen have put a question mark on the capability of newly posted District Police Officer Ameer Taimoor.

The graph of police’s performance which was raised by Ameer Taimoor’s predecessor Asad Sarfraz is falling down now.

In police stations, Tout Mafia has come to power and the citizens have to bribe for even their legal tasks while investigation officers are receiving bribe openly. Earlier when Asad Sarfraz was the DPO, such things were controlled up to 70 percent; he was also awarded a shield by former DIG Punjab Mushtaq Ahmad upon his good performance.

The personal cell number of the former DPO was accessible by the citizens and whenever someone demanded bribe, he was informed immediately. Contrary to that, the new DPO has failed to set such example.

Almost a year ago, a motorcycle rickshaw get into the accident with a train, afterwards the former DPO put all his efforts to establish traffic driving school for the population of 1.7 million and remained successful in it. Due to the unavailability of land old CIA Staff’s empty ground was considered appropriate on technical basis and RPO Sultan Azam Taimoori of that time inaugurated the school. However, the current DPO kept the media in dark and inaugurated the school once again all of this was done keeping current RPO Muhammad Idrees in the dark and staged the drama to show performance.

Throughout the district, public complaints are not being entertained by police without bribe. After the transfer of former Asad Sarfraz, Lodhran police have become pawns of landlords and verdicts of the cases are given at the outhouses of the landlords.

During the time of former DPO, complainants were respected in the police stations and now after his transfer, the police officers are taking bribe openly. The officials used to follow the code of conduct and patrolling system was proper as he used to monitor the system on a laptop but now no such thing is happening rather Police 15 delete its patrolling position from the map and show report of ‘all is well’.

The former DPO has deployed the proper system of investigation and used to check each case by him on daily basis thus the challans were sent on time; it was ensured that the SHOs are deployed based on merit and no intercession was heeded. During his time Rescue 15’s performance was also exemplary and now there are no such things as good performance.

However, the now DPO has lost control over the police affairs thereby causing irreparable loss and injury and adding to the citizens’ woes.

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