Hashmi for unity to ‘save’ Pakistan

MULTAN – Veteran politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has said that the institutions are in a state of war with one another and the country is passing through serious constitutional crisis, asking the nation to unite for the sake of the country.
Talking to the media after addressing a Seeratun Nabi (SAWW) seminar here at a local school on Thursday, he suggested to the institutions to discharge their constitutional obligations instead of creating problems for the country. He said that some politicians sparked controversies and pushed the country into the quagmire of rifts. “It is an attempt to jolt the very foundation of the country. It is my request to all political parties to fulfil their constitutional obligations. If all Pakistanis make joint efforts, this country can be saved,” he declared. He said that the national flag would stand hoisted if the polls are held in August. “Whichever party wins the August polls, it will be the triumph of Pakistan,” he added. He suggested to the Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayyaz Sadiq not to get disappointed and restore his confidence.
He said that he does not know as to why the opponents of the government are so power hungry that they are not letting the government accomplish its five year term. He said that he has 35-year old bond with Sharif family and he agreed to meet Nawaz Sharif despite differences with him. He added that Nawaz Sharif was not removed by the masses but the institutions. “The masses have made him Prime Minister thrice. If he gets disappointed, the country will face severe decline,” he warned.
Referring to PPP’s upcoming public meeting in Multan, he said that it is a good sign. “I welcome Mr. Zardari and Bilawal in Multan,” he said. He said that Bilawal possessed many capabilities and he considers him a good future political leader.
Hashmi strongly condemned US President’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and warned that the third world war had begun. “This war is directed against Muslims. It has been launched by Trump and it will end at their doors too,” he warned. He said that the UN is a helpless body.
Different public sector department are defaulters of Multan Electric Power Company’s dues worth over Rs625 million and the company has issued final notices to them to pay their outstanding bills till December 24.
Mepco sources disclosed on Thursday the defaulter departments had been issued warning that their power supply connections would be disconnected if they failed to clear their dues till the deadline. “The Mepco has given 10 day deadline to the defaulter government departments on the direction of ministry of power,” sources added. The defaulter departments include hospitals, Wasa, police, city district government, agriculture department and others.
According to details, the City District Government is the biggest defaulter with outstanding bill amount worth over Rs150 million. Similarly, Wasa has to pay over Rs126 million, police over Rs59.3 million, TMA over Rs124 million, prisons Rs6.3 million, agriculture Rs1.3 million, food Rs1.4 million, PHA Rs13.5 million, Seed Corporation Rs1.9 million, SCARP Rs5 million, irrigation Rs16.5 million, courts Rs11.5 million, Punjab Highways Rs3.6 million, MDA Rs700,000, BZU Rs300,000, other provincial departments Rs9.5 million, federal institutions Rs15 million, Cantt Board Rs10 million, ministry of law Rs5.8 million, income tax Rs1.2 million, PWD Rs5.4 million, NHA Rs1.2 million, National Bank Rs800,000 and Pak Telecom Service Rs3.3 million.

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