Impounded vehicles cause traffic mess

SIALKOT – The impounded vehicles wrongly parked in front of the office of DSP Daska on main Kutchery Road create hurdles in the flow of traffic and cause hours-long traffic jams on main inter-city roads in Daska city.
The traffic police often park the vehicles including trucks, big trailers, buses and vans in front of the DSP office. These vehicles often remain parked for several days and lying unattended on the main Kutchery Road by covering more than half of the space due to which the traffic remains jammed for hours daily there especially during the timings of the educational institutions.
Several boys and girls schools and colleges are located at Daska city’s congested Kutchery Road due to which the students are suffering great ordeal in reaching the schools, colleges and homes after passing through the jammed traffic.
Local social, educational, business and political circles have expressed grave concern over the critical condition. They urged District Police Officer (DPO) Asad Sarfraz Khan to take serious note of the critical situation.
Voters’ registration gains momentum: The registration of new voters is getting momentum before the 2018 general elections, according to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).
The total number of registered voters has increased to 8,967,887 in Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin, Hafizbad and Gujranwala districts – 5,123,263 males and 3,844,654 females.
The ECP officials termed the situation alarming, saying that the number of female voters is less than the male voters. The ECP official added that 1,278,609 female votes were less than the male voters in the region which was a point of grave concern.
The senior ECP officials revealed that there are 23 constituencies of National Assembly and 46 of Punjab Assembly in Gujranwala Division where the total number of the registered voters was 7,725,964 during the 2013 general elections and now the 1,241,923 new voters have been added.
Total voters in Gujranwala district are 2,563,172 including 1,468,300 male voters and 1,094,872 female voters, total registered voters in Sialkot district were 2,123,804 including 1,220,960 males and 902,824 females. Total voters in Gujrat district are 1,802,353 including 998,835 males and 803,518 females. The number of voters is 940,829 in Mandi Bahaud Din district including 541,382 males and 399,477 females, voters in Narowal district are 920,476 including 538,937 male and 381,539 females while voters in Hafizabad district are 617,253 including 354,829 males and 262,424 females.
The senior ECP officials said that a large number of people reach and report the local ECP’s Voters’ Registration Offices daily for their registration as voters. The ECP has already evolved a new policy for registering new votes, they said, adding that every person having the his/her CNIC is eligible to be added to the ECP’s voter lists before the 2018 general elections. As the process is very easy and simple, the youngsters were showing keen interest in becoming voters.

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