JI to protest outside US consulate on 22nd

PESHAWAR – The Jamaat-e-Islami Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa chapter has strongly condemned the US President Donald Trump’s decision of recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and has announced to hold a protest outside the US Consulate here on December 22nd.

“The sanctity of Baitul Muqads is the part of our belief because it is the land of Allah’s Messengers (Prophets). We wouldn’t compromise to render the sacrifice of our lives for the sanctity of Al-Quds, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, provincial JI Ameer said.

He was addressing a news conference at party’s provincial head office here on Thursday.

He warned, ‘If the government tried to stop our way of protest it would be like playing with a fire. He also said that a peaceful protest is their democratic and constitutional right, and hoped that the government wouldn’t stop their way of protest. “The US embassy and consulates are converted into a mini-Pentagon, the JI Ameer said, adding that the people were being confronted with immense difficulties due to blockade of all ways towards the US consulate.

It is not a Viceroy for which all the routes should be blocked, Mushtaq added.

The JI KP chapter Ameer regretted that the recent Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) didn’t represent the sentiments of Muslims on the sanctity of Baitul Muqdas, adding that it is part of our belief.

He also asked the leaders of the Muslim states to say whether they are with Al-Quds or with Trump.

He also denounced the US President Trumps’ decision of declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Zionist Israel and informed that the JI in leadership will organize a ‘Million March’ against the US in Karachi on December 17.

The JI leader said Al-Quds is the Holy Land because it is the land of Prophets. He also said that it was the first Qibla of Muslims.

The JI Ameer also said that Trump due to his foolishness push the world towards fire and war, and warned that such foolishness would endanger the peace of the world.  

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