A good day for politics

Lahore –  The Supreme Court’s decisions in two different cases of PTI and PML-N leaders brought good news for national politicians.

In the first case, the apex court announced its decision in favour of the Sharif family in Hudabiya case while in the second case, another bench decided the case in favour of PTI chief Imran Khan. However, Imran Khan’s close aid Jahangir Tareen has been declared disqualified for life.

Following the decision, political pundits hoped that there might be timely general election in the country though some PML-N leaders didn’t welcome the court decision on the fate of Imran Khan.

Another development of the day was principle agreement on the delimitation bill among the political parties. The bill is scheduled to be landed in the Senate next week (Tuesday).

Analysts deemed December 15 as “good day” for national politics as it might clear uncertainty over the issue of timely election.



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