Al-Quds Day observed against US Jerusalem move

SARGODHA/ GUJRANWALA/ BAHAWALNAGAR/ HAFIZABAD-Rallies and protest demonstrations were held in various districts of Punjab province against recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital and to express solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people.
Speakers in their addresses flayed United States President Donald Trump for his, “what they call”, biased decision, saying the US’ move in favour of the Israel would bring no good for inhabitants of the Middle East rather it would give rise to extremism and unrest in the region.
In Sargodha, religious organisations including Jamaate Islami, Tahafuze Khatme Nubuwwat, Tehreek Labaik Ya Rasoolallah, Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith, Almi Majlis Tahafuz Khatme Nubuwwat, International Khatme Nubuwwat Movement, Ittehad Bainul Muslimeen, Anjumane Tajiran, peace committee members and local bodies’ representatives took out protest rallies. Hundreds of people participated in the rallies. The participants burnt Trump’s effigies and shouted slogans. Addressing the participants, speakers said the whole Muslim world has rejected Trump’s decision. They said that blood of Palestinian people would not go in vain and no one would be allowed to handover Jerusalem to Israel.
In Gujranwala, a big rally was taken out which was led by Municipal Corporation Mayor Sheikh Sarwat Ikram, deputy mayor Rana Maqsood, MPAs – Toufeeq Ahmed Butt, Imran Khalid Butt, Nawaz Chohan, and Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) President Mian Amir Aziz. Hundreds of citizens participated in the rally. They were holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans against the Trump’s decision. They shouted slogans against the US and the Israel.
Addressing the participants, speakers warned that the step would ignite violence in the world. They urged Muslim countries to forge unity. They also expressed complete solidarity with the Muslims of the Palestine. They said that the US’ decision is a challenge for the Muslim world.
In Bahawalnagar, people from all walks of life took to streets across the district after Friday prayers. At Bahawalnagar City, there was taken out a big rally which was led by the District Council chairman. Office-bearers of All Pakistan Clerks Association, civil society members and a large number of students attended the rally which started from Postgraduate College and culminated at Rafiq Shah Chowk. At Chishtian tehsil, a rally was brought out from Baldia Chowk under the leadership of Deputy District Officer (health) Dr Tariq. Other health officials, representatives of trade organisations and lawyers attended the rally. At Haroonabad tehsil, a rally was taken out from THQ Hospital. MPA Ghulam Murtaza and THQ Hospital MS Dr Sarwar attended the rally. At Minchanabad tehsil, a protest rally started from assistant commissioner’s office and ended at Allah-u-Akbar Chowk. Minchanabad AC Usman Munir Bukhari, Minchanabad THQ Hospital MS Dr Tariq Jameel and civil society members attended the rally. The participants were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans expressing solidarity with Palestinians. They also chanted slogans against United States President Donald Trump.
Speakers in their addresses vehemently condemned the US move to recognise Jerusalem as Israeli capital. They said that the step would increase violence in the region. They urged the Pakistani government to raise voice at international forums against the decision to foil, “what they called” a conspiracy against the Muslim world. “The Muslim counties should unite to counter evil designs of the enemy,” they maintained. The rallies had been provided foolproof security by the police.
In Hafizabad, separate rallies to condemn US President Donald Trump proclamation, recognising Jerusalem as capital of Israel were taken out by the Apca and District administration here on Friday.
A rally was taken out from District Complex to Jinnah Chowk which was led by MPAs – Malik Fiaz Ahmad Awan and Ch Asadullah Arain, officers of district administration, DBA President Shoaib Bhatti, General Secretary Rana Mudassar, Prof Allama Muhammad Akram Chishti, Chairman Fehmul Quran Council, members of District Peace Committee, Ulema, traders and large number of citizens which raised slogans against the US and Zionist imperialists for their anti-Islam posture. They said that the decision of the US president would further endanger World peace and encourage extremism and terrorism across the globe.
Similarly, the Apca took out a rally which was led by its district president Nasrullah Hanjra and other office-bearers. The participants raised slogans against the US president for his anti-Islam attitude. The participants called on Muslim rulers to forge greater unity in their ranks to foil the evil designs of non-Muslims against the Muslim Ummah. They strongly condemned barbaric attitude of the Israel forces against the innocent Palestinians and expressed solidarity with them.

Faisalabad rallies in solidarity

FAISALABAD-Al-Quds Defence Day (Youme Tahaffez Al-Quds) was observed to show national solidarity against the American President Trump’s decision, declaring Jerusalem as a capital of Israel.
A huge rally started from Distinct Council Chowk, which went to Clock Tower Chowk after passing through Khaleeq Qureshi Road and Kutchehry Bazaar. The rally was jointly led by parliamentarians Mian Tahir Jamil, Haji Khalid Saeed, Haji Ilyas Ansari, Rana Shoaib Idrees, Mian Ajmal Asif, Dr Namja Afzal, Fareeha Fatima, Chairman District Council Ch Zahid Nazir, Members Peace Committee Mufti Muhammad Zia Madni, Maulana Muhammad Riaz Kharal, Jaffar Hussain Naqvi, Muhammad Mansha Salik and others while Deputy Mayor Amin Butt, Vice Chairmen Zila Council Khalid Pervaiz Virk, Rana Zulfiqar Ali, Rai Fayaz Hussain, Saifullah Gill, Traders Aslam Bhalli, Mian Atif Aslam, Chairmen, Vice Chairmen of different Union Councils, representatives of NGOs and people from different walks of life participated in the rally.
Participants of the rally were carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans while chanting anti-American and Israeli slogans.
Speaking on the occasion, parliamentarians unequivocally opposed Jerusalem as a capital of Israel. They said that the decision clearly violates International laws, calling on the US to refrain from the move.
They said Jerusalem has been known as historical part of Al-Qudas since millenniums and the whole Muslim Ummah stand firm against the Trump’s decision.
The MC Mayor, DC Chairman and others said that the move violates international resolutions and US is trying to destabilise the region which would never bear fruit.

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