Carrot and stick

Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif is known as a hard task master and is strictly pursuing policy of carrot for good work and stick for no good work and negligence by the officials in performing their assigned duties efficiently, properly and nicely. 

This is what he did when he showed a strong indignation towards the officials concerned for not taking effective measures promptly to implement the model devised for different services attached with the development schemes making it amply clear that things will no longer be allowed to happen like this as he is answerable to the people. 

He showed his anger while presiding over a meeting in Lahore the other day which reviewed progress on different development schemes . 

According to the reports in the newspapers, the chief minister said that Lahore is the heart of Pakistan and billions of rupees have been provided to beautify it and to ensure immaculate state of cleanliness and providing different facilities for its citizens as it is their basic right, the departments concerned are required to perform this responsibility with utmost dedication and commitment so that the citizens can enjoy best facilities and services at their doorsteps. 

Sounding a strong warning, the chief minister said that he will tolerate any delay with regard to the provision of different facilities and the officials failing to perform shall be sent packing home, no more lame excuses or leniency will not work and everybody will have to perform and show results. 

The chief minister did well in pulling up the senior officials concerned showing them the stick but the ministers should also have been taken to task in failing to move the officials of their departments into action and doing their assigned duties efficiently, promptly and properly showing good results with time and speed. . Thanks. 


Lahore, November 28. 


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